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Sale Price  Super Spots
 Price $8.00 Each

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Selection of SIZES 
Adult  Size L=XL=XXL
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Go To Composite Sheets to see The Pictures
One Dozen is ALL of The SAME STYLE


Wanted Rebel

Rebel Skull & Pistol


Old Bikers & Good Whiskey

Both get Better with Age


The Strong Survive

Rottweiler & Cycle


If You Canít Run with Lead Dog

Stay On the Porch


Black Panther

Head of Snarling Panther


Survivor Wolf

Large Wolf Head with Cycle


Running Horses

Wild Horses Running


Red Dragon

Dramatic Full Color Red Dragon


Party Prowler

With Grim Reaper



Brown Head


Angel Girl 

Angel Girl with Reaper Skull


When the Tailgate Drops

Trucks, dogs, gun


Rebel Flag

Rebel Flag


Southwest Wolf

Large Wolf Head & 3 Small Full Body Wolves


Iíll Give Up My Gun

When they pry it from my cold, dead fingers


Live to RideóRide To Live

Eagle US Flag




Indian, Eagle, Wolf

Indian Head, Eagle Head, Wolf Head

S28 Indian Dream Catcher Girl Indian Girl w/Wolf & Dream Catcher
S29 Lion Head Maned Lion Head
S31 South Will Rise Again Rebel Soldier Kneeling by Tombstone
S32 Rebels Never Die Flaming Skull
S33 Rebel Biker Skull Skull w/crossbones and Biker Hat
S34 American By Birth Rebel by Choice Rebel Soldier w/Flag at Attention
S35 South's Where Its At Rebel Rebel Flag, Cycle & Blood Hound
S36 Pit Bull Tough, Wild Breed w/ V Twin
S37 Old Bikers & Good Whiskey #2 3 Bikers, Cycle, Whiskey, Barrels
S39 Snow Deer  3 Deer in Snowy Woods
S40 Forest Deer 2 Deer in Woods
S41 White Tiger White Tiger
S43 Wolf Above Indian Village Wolf Head Above Indian Village
S44 Indian Girl & 2 Wolves Indian Girl with 2 Wolves
S46 Dragon Girl  Grim Reaper w/ Girl
S48 Landing Eagle Large Brown Eagle
S52 Bad Boys Toys  Bad Boys Toys Girl w/MC
S53 Spider Girl  Blond Girl w/Reaper 
S54 Pegasus  Pegasus with Stars




S55 Blue Wizard  Wizard
S56 Ace of Spades Ace of Spades
S61 Armed & Dangerous  Armed & Dangerous w/Knife Beret
S62 Bad V-Twin Bad V-Twin
S63 Indian Princess with Wolf Indian Maiden Sitting with Wolf
S64 Dragon Sword in Skull Dragon coming thru Skull w/ Sword In It
S65 Vicious Wolf Fanged Wolf Head
S66 Feel The Wind Eagle Eagle tearing out of Shirt
S67 Forever Free Indian with 2 Wolves
S68 Ride The Best Eagle with Cycle
S69 Rednecks & Longnecks Camping Redneck Style
S70 Rebel Wolf Wolf Erupting from Rebel Flag
S71 Righteous Rebel Soldier with Rebel Flag
S72 Chain Girl Biker Girl in Leather with Chains w/Cycle
S73 Right to Own A Gun I'm an American, I have the right to Own a Gun
S74 Dragon & Wizard on Bald Mountain Wizard Battling Dragon for Crystal Ball
S75 Born in USA Eagle Flying Eagle with 2 USA Flags
S76 Wild & Free Eagle Very Nice Plain Eagle Head
S78 Dagger through Heart Excellent Color
S79 South West Eagle Colorful and Dynamic
Page4 S80 Red Pegasus 2 Very Dramatic
S81 Used but Not Used Up Rebel Flag, Bike, Girl and Man
S82 Eagle Has Landed Eagle with Cycle
S84 Two Indians & Eagles 2 Indians on Horseback w/ Eagle Head 
S85 The Living Legend Old Motorcycle by Gas Pumps
S86 Live To Ride V Twin V Twin Engine
S87 Wild Breed Cat Eyes Ladies Print with Rose
S88 Who Wants To Live Forever Screaming Skull with Eyeballs
S89 Hunting Dog with Ducks Hunting Scene
S90 Born To Be Bad Semi-Truck with Pit Bull
S91 Grey Wolf Wolf Head w/2 Wolves Running below
S93 Eagle Lady .
S94 Butterfly Lady .
S95 Smokn & Strokn 2 .
S96 Red New Dragon .
Page 5 S97 Hot Bikes & Cold Beer .
S98 Haulin' Ass w/ Motorcycle
S99 Fear No Evil Grim Reaper
S100 Follow The Eagle w/ Motorcyclists & Flag
S101 Rottweiler Survival of the Fittest
S102 Eagle Survivors Nature Eagle on Mountain
S103 Protect Our American Tradition Eagle w/ Guns
S104 Texas Steer w/ Oil Rig
S105 Strong USA Eagle
S106 Black Panther
S107 Moon - Star Wizard w/Crystal Ball Skull
S109 Burn The Jerks Not The Flag
Page 6 S110 New Horses Black & Gold  
S111 Indian Moon Eagle  
S112 Indian Girl White Spirit Wolf  
S113 Leopard & Roses  
S114 The Hunt Begins Deer  
S115 Rolling Thunder Cycle  
S116 Put Your Ass On Some Class Bike  
S117 Rebel Till I Die Rottweiler  
S118 Fear No Evil  
S119 Ride With The Wind  
S120 Don't Fear The Reaper  
S121 White Wolf & Indian  
Page 7 S122 Girl on V-Twin  
S123 Indian Chief & Skull  
S124 Ring of Skulls  
S125 Hunt with Big Dogs  
S126 Pit Bull with Barb Wire  
S127 Destroyer Skull  
S128 Indian and Eagle  
S129 Rebel Skull  
S130 Wolf Rose and Bike  
S131 Eagle Flag and Bike  
S132 Tame Wolf  


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